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“Each time I started an exercise program, I was very discouraged – I hurt all over, I was exhausted, and I didn’t see the results I wanted.   Since I met Annie, I have a new perspective on exercise and fitness.   She is fantastic.   Given her solid knowledge of the human body, she is particularly attentive to how my body is reacting to each exercise  – if something doesn’t work, we change it, it something hurts, we fix it.   I never thought I could do it, but with Annie’s infectious enthusiasm for health and well-being, and her ability to zero in on what works for me, I am – for the first time in my life – loving getting into shape.”
Lynda E., Candiac

After 2 years of training with Annie, I want to show my apreciation and point out the adaptability put into each training session in order to get results! I have herniated discs, recurrent tendinitus, sciatalgy and I suffer from fibromyalgia for a bit more than 20 years now. Annie's global approach consists in adapting each training session depending on the condition i'm in that day, she finds the exercices that won't provoke more pain or worsen my injuries. She works in order to find the right formula that works. Also adding to the program a couple massage therapy sessions here and there... I couldn't ask for better!
Marie-Hélène C., Brossard

‘’I’ve had recurrent back problems for years and I’ve had met with many different therapists.  Since I started my treatments at Bioluxia (with Annie), I have results much faster.

The problem is treated as a whole and not only locally on the painful area, like with other therapists.

Thanks to these treatments, I am now able to train again on a regular basis.’’

Bruno P., St-Hubert

“When I met Annie, I told her my history of leg issues and muscle cramps and hip and back pain when exercising.   She responded that it was normal when starting, and not to worry, she would be able to fix any problem that came up.  Quite honestly, I didn’t believe her, I had been dealing with these issues for years.   When we started running, all the familiar pain started again, and I expected I would have to stop exercising, which was my pattern in the past.   Annie insisted that I schedule a therapeutic massage with her, but I was skeptical.  The massage was 90 minutes and NOT relaxing, in fact, I had never had a massage like that before, it hurt more than my leg pain!  The next day, I had zero pain, nothing, no muscle pulling or aches or cramping.  I was in disbelief.   Since that first massage, I have been running and exercising with no issues, something that I had never been able to do before.   Annie really knows what she is doing – she has changed my life.”
Marie E., Candiac

I have been suffering from back pain for more than 10 years and had even back surgery. Then I started training with Annie more than 2 years ago.  Since then I stopped having back pain, my endurance and my strength have improved by 500 percent. I feel like I regained my youth and stamina. 🙂
Jean T., Brossard