Fabulous bananas!

Not only do they taste delicious, bananas are incredibly nutritious. They are the perfect healthy snack to calm a sweet tooth and help to regulate apetite for the next meal, they are good for bowel regularity and satiety, therefore can help one reach weight-loss goals, so keep them close and available. Averaging 90 calories per unit, they are rich in fibers, glucids, proteins, and contains electrolytes. Their high levels of potassium help to keep regular heart contractions and also replaces sweat losses while its magnesium is necessary for the body to change fuels from food into energy. This makes bananas an excellent food for athletes and active people, before and after activity. The role of manganese in bone development and good eyesight also makes the bananas a real kids’friend, and we can mash them with warm milk for younger babies when they start eating solids.

bananes     Potassium also prevents hypertension and helps a good functioning of the nervous system and the brain.

There is no question that bananas are a huge source of energy. Surprisingly they also are a natural soft sedative and an ideal snack before bed! That’s from the action of an aminoacid called tryptophan, which also has an impact on serotonine, the happy mood hormone! Eating bananas regularly even could help in several depression cases, anxiety, PMS syndrom and coping with stress.

Constipation? Have an overripe banana, it becomes slightly laxative at that stage!

Moreover, bananas have antibiotic properties. They are alcaline and offer a protection for our digestive system, prevent ulcers and strengthen the mucosa. Some studies also showed that they reduce the risk of kidney and colorectal cancer.

To maximize bananas’ benefits, they have to be eaten ripe. The process can be accelerated by storing bananas in a paper bag with an apple, for instance.

For the adepts of the plantain bananas, these have the same benefits, and some nutrients are even in bigger quantities!

So what are you waiting for, go get these bananas! Your body will be grateful for this quality food.

Bon apétit 😉

Annie Cap


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  1. I love Bananas. Great article. Thanks Annie 🙂

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