Half a grapefruit in the morning for a better day!

Did you know that eating half a grapefruit every morning can make you healthier?

Grapefruits, delicious and refreshing but more than that they are composed of 88% water and are low in calories. Half of one contains enough grapefruitvitamin C to cover 75% of the recommended daily dose for an adult and 100% for children! It’s also rich in vitamins A, B, E, K,  minerals like potassium and calcium, and fibers. The more red it is the better, because it contains more antioxydants (flavonoids and carotenoids) which help prevent cancer and cardiovascular diseases. By reinforcing the immune system, it helps preventing colds and other infections. Moreover, most people don’t know that a grapefruit can save the day in case of a hangover!

Grapefruits can actually help you lose weight and maintain a high level of the good cholesterol you need in your body. Some even recommend to eat half of one before every meal for better digestion and lipolysis, in other words it helps you burn fats.

Be careful if you are on several medications such as cholesterol medications for example, as grapefruits can react with them and change their effects in the body. Ask your doctor in case of doubts.

Why not gift yourself with a healthy treat every morning by adding this precious fruit to the usual routine?!

Feed your temple the right way… 🙂

Annie Cap


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