What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing art, simple and powerful.

sunsetThe word Reiki means ”spiritually guided universal life energy”, it is an ancestral healing technique. Even if you are sceptical about anything that you cannot physically see, Reiki remains a really efficient healing discipline and I encourage you to read this brief introduction until the end so you can know more about this art that is part of me.

Some people think Reiki originated centuries ago in Tibet and India and to have traveled to China with Buddhism. Its history has many versions so it’s difficult to know exactly how it was created, but one name that we often hear is Dr. Mikao Usui, from Japan, that would have rediscovered the Reiki formula in a holy book that he read in Sanscrit in a Zen temple in the late 1800’s, then was developed by Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and spread out not much later to the West by Hawayo Takata. 

Reiki draws people into a state of deep relaxation which makes it easier for the body’s incredible healing abilities to work. It flows with the healing energy or the light of unconditional love, certain will call it divine but it’s really just a part of us and everything in the universe. No beliefs are necessary to practice it or receive it, you don’t even have to believe it works, it will have an effect on you whether you think it will or not. Practically, it’s by the imposition of the therapist’s hands that the Reiki energy will be guided and work itself in the body, and beyond. It helps any kind of health issue or blockage, whether it is physical or emotional. 

Reiki involves sacred healing symbols received by students through attunements in person with a Reiki Master, and that is what differentiates it from other energy healing techniques. In reality, all of us already have Reiki but we have forgotten, the attunements awake the process of remembering and reactivate the energy and symbols.

I have always been using my hands to heal in various ways since I was very young, but only much later I became a Reiki Master. Reiki has helped me not only in the efficiency of my treatments but also in my everyday life; I feel stronger, complete, peacefully happy and deeply connected with everything that surrounds me.

I hope you now have a better understanding of what this amazing healing practice is, and I am always happy to give Reiki sessions. I also offer Reiki courses and attunements for all levels if ever you are interested in becoming a therapist.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for furthur details or to book an apointment!

Annie Cap, certified Reiki Master


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