Keep lean to prevent cancer!

It is important to be lean, not only for how we look, but mostly to maintain a good health and prevent many chronic diseases, including cancer! Many specialists recommend a BMI  (body mass index) under 23 instead of 25 (excuding my bodybuilding friends!), and here is why…

The more fat we have, the more inflamed our body is, which is the most common denominator to most chronic diseases, including cancer.80619393

Adipose tissue (or fat) releases molecules that cause inflammation. One pound of fat needs 400 km of blood capillaries to feed itself, which creates a proliferation of blood vessels. The micro tumors that we all carry as we reach the adult age use these growth factors to vascularize themselves, and that vascularization allows a microscopic non-dangerous tumor to become a clinically declared cancer. This is what we call tumoral angiogenesis.

So the slimmer you are, the less chances you get to develop a chronic disease… Do you need a better reason to stay lean?!

Stay active, eat well and not too much, don’t smoke, drink water, and you will significantly lower your risk of developing serious health issues. These are the first reasons that should motivate you to get or stay lean.

Take care of yourself, because you deserve it!

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Annie Cap, personal trainer.


Source: Prévenir le cancer, comment réduire les risques. -Richard Béliveau et Denis Gingras 

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