Simple tips to prevent aching while I’m heading to the Killimanjaro bringing my magic hands along ;)


I am finalizing my preparations for my climb of the Kilimanjaro which is coming very soon! I will be gone from December 28 to January 27. It’s an epic journey that has been in the making for several months. Being in a recruting period for therapists and trainers, I have decided to wait for my return to grow Bioluxia’s team of professionals, therefore unfortunately, my services will not be available during this period, but I will come back very soon and with a new perspective and I encourage you to follow my blog, photos and videos now on YouTube™.

The good news for you is that there are simple tips that will allow you to stay balanced and that will prevent aches and tensions while you don’t have access to your therapist for a given period!

To start with, you have to react as soon as you start feeling a discomfort, pain, knots, lack of mobility or any kind of tension in your body. Get the reflex of stetching the painful zone many times a day, massage it with a rubefiant cream or lavender oil, heat it as often as possible (magic bags, warm bath, sauna, etc.), and lower the tension on that area by stopping repetitive movements at work for example, or training with very light charges if not taking a break from any sollicitation of the affected area. This is just for a couple days or until you don’t feel it anymore.  It’s a very simple protocol yet extremely efficient to maintain a fluid body, you just have to apply it as soon as you feel it! Let’s now go through the general prevention… : 

First of all, as you have read in my previous articles, drinking water plays a major role to the good operation of the body, so drink your 2 liters of water every day. This will soften your muscle, help to eliminate toxins and at the same time, muscular tensions.

Then, move! Exercise is an essencial attribute to your health and further more will help keep your muscles flexible by constantly activating blood circulation within … For those who train with me, keep doing your training! Do the exercises that you know well and that you’re comfortable with. You shouldn’t try new exercises or movements if you don’t know them, it is better to be supervised by a professional to work the proper muscles, the proper way, that way you will prevent chances of injuries and/or posture problems.

After exercising, there is of course stretching. Stretch yourself after each training session, and not only the muscles that you have worked out but the entire body for it is warmed up, you will be surprised of the favorable response from your muscles in the long term… a lot less muscular tensions, less injuries, little or no aches… And if you move less for X reason, stretch your body in the morning and at night, more lightly since the body isn’t warmed up therefore more rigid. You could also perform this routine after a hot bath, which is surprisinlgy effective on bringing a real sensation of well-being! …And this is also good for you gentlemen!

Then, generally, take care of yourself! What I mean by that is to treat yourself and to create moments for yourself alone or accompanied by someone who’s presence soothes you. It’s important to pamper oneself to diminish the stress brought by every day’s life. Stress is acidifying for the body beside unconsciously tensing up muscles, which can create strong tensions and pains, in medium and long term. Whether it’d be meditation, a hot bath, a moment of lecture with your feet soaked in water, a yoga session, a walk in nature, an escapade with the loved one, anything that will make you feel good is suggested… Include this activity in your schedule as a priority and make it as important as the others, as your well being is primordial to live well and enjoy everything else.

Finally, eat intelligently to give your precious body all that is necessary… Allow yourself to cheat sometimes, but keep in mind to eat the least processed foods… color your plate and make sure to have the necessary vitamins and minerals for the well being of your musculosqueletal system. Also, did you know that five minutes of sun a day, even if only a part of your face is uncovered, will give you sufficient vitamin D which plays an important role on bones and muscles! There are several schools of thoughts, but in my opinion and expertise supplementation is necessary only in cases of serious deficiencies.

So take care of yourselves fellas!

For my part I am not that far as I will keep you posted on my journey in Africa and I will soon post different exercises and simple stretching techniques that will enhance the quality of your life, which is my goal!

Please communicate with me if you need particular advice or to suggest a theme for my next article, it will be a pleasure!

See you soon!

Annie Cap

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