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FitMoms Fitness class

Tuesdays 11:30am

Fridays 11:30am

Where : 800 Industrial Ave, Ottawa (Phoenix Taekwondo)

*Private and small group classses available on demand*

Classes description:


This class is for the moms at home or caregivers that want to have an efficient workout despite being with the kids! Whether you bring your baby/toddler or not, you will have a great sweat while the kids play together. Our programs are designed to reinforce your body in general and teach your muscles to work efficiently together so that your daily movements become easier and injury-free, like picking up something on the floor with a baby on your hip, for instance. This class will be given outdoors for as long as possible during the warm season.


Pound is the new trend!! Performed with Drumsticks, we are becoming rockers as we hit the sticks up and on the ground, sweat and have fun! It is a full body workout and cardio, come give it a try!

Pound is performed on a yoga mat, with or without shoes.


Resistance, flat roads and climbing, windy rides, speed, jumps, even race days… You got it all with this class! Get ready for a COMPLETE workout, intense according to your very own capacity. This class is designed to fit beginners as well as advanced cyclers. Burn tons of calories, improve your strength (mental and physical), cardio, power and even posture in a safe and motivating environment! Let’s ride!!

Power Toning:

Looking to burn a ton of calories, LOSE FAT, improve your posture, balance, strengthen your core and tone every muscle in your body? Then step by on wednesday nights, this class is for you!! This is an intense and complete workout designed for intermediates and advanced people but beginners are welcome as technique is always a priority to avoid any injury. Let’s have fun and sweat!!


Coming straight from the source in India, this Hatha ypga class keeps the true essence of yoga. Intense work (various postures) and relaxation, but also mantras, breathing techniques and some meditation; this mix is all part of yoga and will help you lower your stress, get rid of chronic pain, control your mind in your everyday life, improve your posture, strengthen your core, get tone and more flexible. Beginners and unflexible people are welcome! Calmness, happy mind and conscious body garanteed after a few classes!

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