Fitness Training

Fitness TrainingBioluxia offers private or group fitness training whether you want to lose weight, tone, get back to exercise, improve sports performance and power, fix your posture or simply maintain a healthy lifestyle!

I want an appointment!
This section includes complete exercise programs that help with weight loss (adipous mass), muscular strength gain, core strengthening,  with power and cardiovascular aspect.Available group training at Flex gym or YogaSojana in Laprairie (see ‘Group Classes’ for the schedule).


Available on demand:

  • Private training in one of our locations, indoors, outdoors, or from your home’s comfort!
  • Personalized training program built for your specific needs (minimum followup)
  • Group classes (Bootcamp, Cardio-Power and Speed improvement, Functional power training, Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, Baby’s mama cardio, Running ABC’s, Postural reinforcement and core, Crosstraining, and more!)
  • Small groups can be added any time on demand according to your schedule (minimum 4 people)
  • Corporate fitness classes to keep your team motivated!

Benefits of supervised training with our qualified and passionate trainers:

  • Stimulate muscles and organs for a better general functioning of the body;
  • Improve flexibility, articular mobility and circulation;
  • Learn how to train properly to avoid injuries and be able to do so by yourself if desired, still maximizing benefits;
  • Facilitate movements and regular activities;
  • Reinforce and/or fix posture if needed (most of the time!);
  • Improve general health and reduce doctor’s visits;
  • Improve humor and productivity, fight depression;
  • Reduce stress and improve quality of life;
  • Specialized equipment depending on you specific needs;
  • Chronic and arthritic pain relief;
  • Better and stronger bones, prevent small accidents (eldery);
  • Reduce cellulite…